Friday, December 18, 2009

An Hour at the Pier

A long, wet runway makes for a happy boy

This past weekend rain, wind, and big seas came to the northern California coast. We took Ronan to the Pacifica Pier, a spot popular with local fishermen who drop lines in the ocean hoping for a tasty catch.

A gull about to light on the rail of the pier

Like most children Ronan loved to splash in puddles and chase birds- he was also curious about the crabs the fishermen were catching. The crashing sounds of large waves made him curious, though the shaking of the pier seemed to not bother him a bit.

A hovering flock of hungry seagulls follow Ronan while he chases a pigeon

The day's catch, benefiting from an aerator to keep an acceptable level of O2 in the small cooler

After braving an hour of cold, wet wind Ronan's mitten-covered hands started to tremble. We headed back to the car for a cozy change of clothes and a warm meatball sub from Columbos deli.

Peering (pun intended!) through a crack to watch the large waves crash below


CalBadger said...

Sweet! How fun--there's nothing like a good storm, especially in the middle of a drought!

Holly said...

Great shots - I love the one of Rachel and Ronan and all the birds. Sure looks like a cold, blustery day. And I saw that some bluffs & condos are about to slide into the Pacific in that area. Not fun for those folks! But you guys sure had a nice day :-)

Todd said...

i second mom's comments about the photo with r & r and the birds. great shot! it gives a sense of emotion to it.