Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ronan Can Dunk!

Ronan had his first graham cracker this New Year's Eve- following the tradition in our household Mom served it with a glass of cold milk.

Step 1: Plunge the cracker into the milk

Step 2: Ensure it's nice and soggy

Amazingly, without any prompting from us, Ronan took his cracker, leaned forward, and gently dunked it in his milk. Delicately, he pulled the soggy cracker out of the liquid and took a slow, deliberate bite. This is exactly how Mom eats her graham crackers, yet she has never had one in front of Ronan before.

Step 3: Daintily... inspect milk coverage

Step 4: Enjoy!

Who knows- perhaps he'll hate mayonnaise and vinegar like Mom as well?

And, of course, a very happy New Year to all of you!


CalBadger said...

It's rather disappointing for me that Ronan doesn't splash milk and graham cracker crums all over his tray, his face and the floor! This video has to be a staged event! No Teetzel kid has ever been that neat--it's not in our genes--as evidenced by Erik and Todd!

Holly said...

2009 Graham crackers and milk; 2010 Nicholas cookies in cocoa - The beginnings of a good life :-)
Happy New Year to the Bleary-Eyed Father and his whole Fam.

Erik said...

CalBadger is right- Ronan is sedated in the video. As for Nicolas cookies, I'm keeping those all for myself. No sharing w/Ronan.