Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ronan's Festival of Lights

Happy Chanukah!

Last week Ronan had the pleasure of celebrating his first evening of Chanukah thanks to some good friends. In addition to the traditional lighting of the Menorah we indulged in delicious meal. Notably tasty were the latkes (a fried potato pancake) although Ronan showed his appreciation for sausages by eating two-and-a-half of them.

Ronan also made off with a flashy new toy- a model of a modern surf wagon (boards included). At the dinner table, he liked to watch the dreidel being spun and enjoyed blowing a candle out. His favorite part, though, was simply spending time with Sam and Emily as they showed him fun activity after fun activity. He was also impressed by Charmander, the resident bearded dragon.

Many thanks to Uncle Sandy, Auntie Janet, "Zam" and "Emma" for a delightful and treat filled night!


Holly said...

Nice to see that Ronan is getting to know his Judeo-Christian heritage - at least the Judeo part :-) Chanukah is a fun holiday - way better than Christmas; 8 days of presents, not just one!! Score the surf wagon!

Erik said...

It was a blast- Ronan loved it. And, as fire is an integral part of the celebration Ronan is now a 20-month-old pyromaniac.