Saturday, December 26, 2009

This One's for You, Auntie Sheila

Playing adult with Auntie She

Yes, we do all love Auntie Sheila, and Ronan does so more than others. In fact Auntie "She" is the only person Ronan will actively seek out to cuddle (in one evening she gets more snuggle time than Mom and me, combined, for a month).

Last weekend Auntie She worked on teaching Ronan to stick his tongue out at the camera, as evidenced above. Believe it or not this approach is more becoming than his squinty-eyed, almost werewolf-like toothy snarl that he does when we ask him to smile.

Thanks, Auntie She. Thanks a lot.

Mom calls Auntie She 'The Baby Whisperer'. I think she secretly bribes the kids.


CalBadger said...
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CalBadger said...

Auntie Sheila is a photographer's nightmare!!!!!

Holly said...

Everyone should have an "Auntie She" in their lives - Ronan, you're one lucky little guy!!

CalBadger said...

In honor of Erik's title "This One's for You, Auntie Sheila", I'll share a song I used to play in Madison, WI: !!!!