Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Fine Balance

Though most adults take it for granted, learning repeatable biped motion is actually quite difficult.  Just the act of standing requires continuous, unconscious, sensing and adjustment to keep from loosing one's balance.  In Ronan's case, his control system often dumps the feedback signal after a second or so, ending accurate corrective actions and preventing homeostasis.

Ronan's numerous bump and bruises are a visible reminder of how mastering this skill is a struggle.  On the other hand, he seems determined to walk and takes great joy in the effort applied during this learning process. He's becoming adept at using props to aid in motion; in the video above you can watch him use an empty box as a walker. He started this about two months ago, and is now using other objects- chairs with wheels, little wagons, laundry baskets- anything that will slide easily on the floor.  

The slideshow above captures just a few fun moments of Ronan during the learning process.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Turtlespotting & Punkrocking

Before Ronan was born, his grandmother spent several weeks of her time sewing an amazing ocean-themed quilt speckled with anatomically correct sea turtles.  A known stickler for details, she made sure the blanket contained at least one of each of the seven species of sea turtle.  She also added a baby turtle for him to find... an old-fashioned "Easter Egg" of sorts. Now that he's just over ten months old, Ronan is able to find the little turtle when asked; the picture above shows the results of a successful search.   What is not shown in the photo is the broad smile that lights up his face once he's done picking at the little turtle.

In addition to better identification and fine motor skills, Ronan has started to experiment with his external identity. The means devising a properly coiffed hairdo.  Although he has yet to have an actual haircut, the changing nature of his hair filling in affords him something new every couple of weeks.  Previous attempts included a fohawk, the Alfalfa, and a mullet (business in the front, party in the rear!); this evening he decided to simply punk out in the tub.  It's ironic that at ten months such experimentation is cute while at ten years it is something to dread.  The result is below.

Personally I'm pulling for a spiked, dyed mohawk.