Monday, September 28, 2009

Goodnight, Gorilla

A tired little boy, reading at the end of the day

Playing with his little monkey toes.

A month ago Ronan received a gift from his BFF Laurin- it was a copy of Peggy Rathmann's sweet bedtime story Goodnight Gorilla. We now read the book often, during which Ronan has two notable, adorable reactions. The first- he plays with his feet & toes, as if he himself were a little Gorilla. The second- when we get to the page that the cheeky gorilla is caught sneaking into the zookeeper's house, Ronan always starts to chuckle. Fun stories like Goodnight Gorilla make bedtime one of the best parts of the day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where's Ronan?

He's in the photo somewhere. Actually, he's in it twice, but the resolution on my phone is not good enough to identify the photo-of-him-in-the-photo-above.

Yes, that's his little leg sticking out from under his green, blue, and white blanket. Why is he stuffed in what looks to be a holding space for a stool? Because that's the darkest place in his daycare, and his teachers were doing their best to give him a sleep-friendly environment.

How is daycare going? He's starting to adjust, but it's still a bit rough. Thankfully his teachers are working with him, and, little by little, he seems to make some progress. Mom and I are adjusting as well, albeit at a slower pace than Ronan.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bon Voyage, my BFF

Ronan and Laurin enjoying the hammock, almost a year ago

Yesterday started with a sad morning; Ronan's BFF and toddling co-conspirator Laurin boarded a plane and left California. It's been a year filled with fun, laughs and exploration; Mom and I are similarly glum as we too will dearly miss Laurin and his parents.

Enjoying Pescadero Beach together...

Why yes, that is naked babies mowing the lawn

For Laurin, however, the next six weeks should shape up to be a grand adventure. He will get to experience Kaua'i, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Bali before he finally touches down to settle into his native country of Switzerland. I'm quite certain Laurin's family and friends are eager to see him again; I imagine he'll be received like a prince.

Not exactly princely treatment... reason #432 why Laurin is excited to be on his great Pacific excursion

To our wayfaring friends- we miss you!

A kiss goodbye for my BFF

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun for All- Quail Gardens

One morning during our vacation Nana took us to visit Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas. It was a great place for kids- Ronan was able to ride a bronze tortoise and dinosaur, dig for dino bones, play with water (and learn some basics of hydraulics), pot a plant, watch a model train, sing a song, flap a parachute, and go for a hike.

It was an excellent way to spend a morning- Ronan seemed to love all of the activities but he was most attracted to the water (it was hard to pull his soaking little body from it) and the tramp around the trail. Perhaps we should look for hikes that end at bodies of water for future outings?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ronan's First Day of School

"Ronan's first first-day-of-school photo

Both Mom and I were forced to do the hated "first day of school" photo every year when we were young. I distinctly remember loathing the moment, and the photos always turned out terrible (puffy eyes, mis-matching outfits, and an exaggerated glum look on our faces).

Ronan started "school" for the first time today- before we departed (via bicycle) I made him do a photo out in front of our house. Rather than giving the tormented "I hate this day" look, he cheesed it up so much that it's hard to make out the smile in the middle of his squinty face.

As for school, he did pretty well in his new environment... he lasted a couple of hours w/out me and he seems to like his teachers, his classmates, and the new environment. A few tears were shed but they dried quickly. His outfit, soaked through from him literally climbing *into* a fountain, was another story.

Yes, the day was much harder on Mom and Dad than it was on Ronan. We love you little guy!