Saturday, January 9, 2010

Arastradero Preserve & Portola Pastures

After looking through some recent photos of Ronan's long-since departed BFF Laurin (he's getting big... he's a full blown little boy now), we decided to go for a hike at one of Laurin's favorite local parks- Arastradero Preserve.

The boys at the start of a May 2009 hike @ Arastradero Preserve

Ronan taking his puppy for a walk this morning. Amazingly he carried the puppy, without dropping it, for the entire hike.

Like Laurin, Ronan loves to be outdoors. Ronan loved running up and down the trails, enjoying being the crisp air and dirt path. He was intent on finding some hoofed mammals; the last time we visited a few equestrians stopped and let Ronan pet their horses. For the first half of the walk all he found was hoof prints and poop; Ronan was always more than happy to point out the feces.

Mommy's homemade waffles = very big smiles

On our way back to the car Ronan came across several riders; one even stopped to say hello. Unfortunately that mare was 'temperamental, like most Arabian horses' so the rider advised us not to get too close.

"Poop. Here. Poop."

Rather than stay at Arastradero and hope an equestrian with both the time and approachable animal would pass by, we went next door to the local stable called Portola Pastures. When we arrived at the riding ring Ronan met two stunningly beautiful and gentle mares, Rose and Bessy. The gracious owner encouraged Ronan to have a quick sit on Bessy- we were all surprised at his comfort on such a large animal.

Much easier to spot things from an elevated perch

It was an adventurous morning enjoyed by all three of us and a perfect way to start the weekend.


Holly said...

Ronan is keeping his transportation options open - any kind of "horse power" will do. ha ha What a great park - and so close by. I can see why Ronan enjoys it!

Todd said...

Those are great shots you guys. It seems like you guys are good at getting out and about on the weekends. Ronan must love it.

Good to know Ronan can say poop too!