Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Big, Beautiful Muddily Puddle

It has been a wet six days this past week here in Northern California and being stuck indoors made Ronan stir crazy. We were relieved yesterday when a slight break in the weather meant Ronan could finally enjoy the outdoors.

Mom and Ronan enjoying the seashore

We decided the rugged and rural coast was just the place for Ronan to burn off his excess energy. He enjoyed the large waves and sweeping views, but what he loved most was running through the large, muddy puddles left behind in the various parking lots we stopped at during the trip.

One down... several dozen to go

Thinking out the optimal path to splash through each puddle

He also loved visiting the Pigeon Point Lighthouse (Ronan pronounces it, "liahtuh... howz') and tried his best to veer off the well marked trails onto the beaches below. After a snack, more running around, and obsessing over a little yellow Mini, Ronan took a long nap on the twisty drive home.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse- dilapidated but still beautiful


Todd said...

killer boots man, killer boots!

Holly said...

I think he also needs those hip waders that fishermen wear - or a pair of those waterproof pants Todd uses for ice climbing. We won't mention ice axes just yet!

Erik said...

Good idea on the hip waders- I had to dump water out of the boots when I pulled them off of Ronan's feet. His pants were thoroughly drenched.