Friday, January 8, 2010

A Day At The Shore

"Oh Sea, how I love thee"

During the holiday break we headed down to the Monterey Peninsula for 24 hours, giving Ronan the opportunity to once again explore the shores of the Pacific. We had a great time, visiting some dear friends who were gracious enough to host Mom and me, plus Mr. likes-to-touch-everything-breakable.

"This! Is this breakable?"

Shoulder rides beat walking in Roshambo... especially en route to the beach

The highlight for Ronan was exploring the tide pools; he found sea stars, starfish, urchins, sea cucumbers, muscles, anemones, nudibranch, young abalone, and of course lots of crabs.

Just a few fun items Ronan found on the rocky shore

Looking for anemone

Tide pool hopping with Mom

On the way home we stopped at the Monterey Bay Aquarium- a reason all in itself to make a trip to Monterey. Grandma and Grandpa had given us a family membership, meaning no waiting in lines to get in (many thanks- we love it!). Ronan had a blast, quickly moving from exhibit to exhibit but the impressive holiday crowds seemed to overwhelm him after about an hour. Ronan found solace from the chaos in a little part of the aquarium that contained old canning equipment; he was able to check pressure gauges and turn (non-operational) steam vales in peace until his little heart was content.

Enjoying a tide pool exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium...with a grain of suspicion

"As Mr. Seahorse drifted gently through the sea, he passed right by..." - Eric Carle


CalBadger said...

Tide pools are fun! We'll have to go whale watching next...then scuba diving...then...The joy about the MBA is that it's a new experience every time you go--Ronan (and you) will see (or learn) something new every visit! The 50MM f1.4 lens is great there isn't it?!

Holly said...

What fun - picture # 1 is a sure winner; so cute. Ronan is one very lucky guy getting so many varied personalized experiences. Great job, parents!!