Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Nothing like a little head-to-head time with Grandpa...

A week ago Grandpa made the trip up from Cambria to hang out with the three of us. Ronan loved it- he had a blast showing Grandpa his ever-improving set of skills. There was quite a bit of chuckling between the two of them... Mom and I are still not entirely sure what the two of them were up to. On Sunday, after Grandpa had departed, Ronan kept looking for him, peeking into empty rooms and calling, "Grunpuh! Grunpuh! GruuuunPUH!!!"

Hope you're doing well Grandpa, Ronan misses you!


CalBadger said...

Erik and Rachel: Grandsons and Grandpas are supposed to have secrets. Ronan and I choose to have hilarious secrets! I had such fun with Ronan; I especially love him marching to a different drummer--his!

Erik said...

And he's marching to his own drum even more now. As a parent, that is both a blessing and a challenge. He says, "Hi Granpa!"