Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa!

Papa and the young ones blowing out the candles on his birthday cake

Last week Papa turned a number much larger than what Ronan can count to... We thought we'd post a "Happy Birthday" as Ronan loved the party Grammy threw for him.

So, here's a quick clip of Ronan unsuccessfully trying to count to Papa's age- enjoy!


Holly said...

Omygosh, that video is SOOOOO cute! Amazing that he can count so well - I'm impressed. Next video will be counting to 10 in French :-)

Todd said...

awesome video.

CalBadger said...

#1) Ronan is fifteen years ahead of Grandpa in math.

#2) Daddy, have you no shame? Throwing in plugs for Android in your own son's moment of glory!!! Shame, shame, good idea!