Friday, January 15, 2010

Make Your Own Parfait? Really?

The menu for snacks. The parfait was magical. And how many kids Ronan's age are served minted baba ganoush? Funny, though, as it's pretty easy for them to pronounce.

Yes, Ronan, at twenty one months of age, is enjoying breakfasts like the one he had yesterday- house made granola layered with homemade yogurt and fresh mango pieces. It's all in a day's food at his daycare.

And yes, he loved it- in fact he ate three large bowls of it. There they were, Ronan and four of his classmates, sitting around their little table wolfing down these healthy parfaits. It was amazing- five children, all under two happily (and voluntarily) feeding themselves for over twenty minutes. We can't get Ronan to watch Pixar's Cars for twenty minutes.

Ronan's lunch menu for yesterday and today. Ya, Ronan is spoiled. We know. Sometimes his food is better than what they serve at the cafe closest to my desk. Perhaps I need to start eating at his daycare.

And it looked like lunch was equally as delicious- roasted free range chicken in a balsamic reduction sauce paired with a rosemary white bean puree.

At least two days a week, Ronan eats well. Very well.

Clothing bears the brunt of the damage from letting toddlers feed themselves delicious parfaits


Holly said...

Does Google offer day care for "seniors"? I would LOVE to eat so well!! Incredible food - Ronan is one lucky guy.

CalBadger said...

What's a Steelers shirt doing on my grandson?!

Allison said...

Steelers!!!! Oh GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

I was going to comment (negatively) on the Steelers shirt, but knew somebody else would jump in!!

Erik said...

Yes, the Steelers garb is thanks to Uncle Mike who gave him the shirt for x-mas.

Sure, it's not the Chargers, but it's better than the Cowboys, no?