Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ronan's First Haircut

'Before' shot #1

'Before' shot #2

We held out for as long as we could but Ronan's long, tussled hair was becoming a liability. Those shaggy bangs often caused him to run into objects that he would have otherwise seen. Twice someone called Ronan 'our daughter' and that was the last straw for Mom.

So we took Ronan to Jenny, our beloved hair stylist, for his first haircut. He was great through the entire process- no screaming, no kicking, and, with the distraction aid of a motorcycle magazine, he was relatively squirm-free.

Ronan at study and Jenny at work

It's amazing how different he looks with shorter hair. It's as if he aged a year in the 10 mins it took to cut those infant locks. Gone are most of the light blond highlights but a bit of waviness in the back surprisingly remained. Drying his hair after bath time is blissfully easy.

Looks like both Ronan and Mommy approve

Thankfully he is no longer running into things because he does not see them... rather he runs into them for a host of other reasons. Our little baby is now a little boy.

'After' shot, with all three of us and our spankin' new do's


Rachel said...

I miss those curly little locks and shaggy bangs.

Holly said...

I can't tell you how HAPPY I am - have been zipping my lips about the long hair for some time now! Ronan looks SO cute with his new haircut (of course with Jenny, how could you go wrong?) All boy, no doubt about it - and his two parents look stylin' as well. Hooray, another First!!

Erik said...

I'm w/Rachel... sure, his new look is sharp, but the shaggy surfer 'do was pretty cool. We'll grow it out again just for you Nanna!

Allison said...

GIRL??????? He did NOT or EVER look like a Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the cute big guy!