Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ronan's Take on Chickapea

Mom impressing Ronan... "Heahvee!"

We're almost at week 30 and Mom is already starting to slow down due to her increasingly protruding tummy. Fortunately for us Ronan is an eager helper who is excited (for now) about having a little sibling join our household.

At one point this was an 'inney'

Both Mom and I are surprised at how gentle he is with her and how often he reminds us that there is a, "baby" growing inside of Mom. At daycare he has taken to the little dolls they have in the classroom, occasionally giving them a bottle or putting a blanket over them when he imagines they are sleeping. Given these dolls have no wheels, gears, or tailpipes this is clearly un-Ronan behavior.

Only those Ronan truly loves get the motorcycle treatment

We'll see if Ronan's tender and loving disposition continues after Chickapea arrives; until them we will simply enjoy his nurturing and loving actions.

Obligatory cuddle shot


Holly said...

So sweet - those are precious moments - I know you're enjoying each and every one. It's so nice you're documenting this with a blog - it will be wonderful to refer back to from time to time. Loved the shot with the motorcycle rolling over chickapea. Very cute.

Erik said...

Funny, only in Ronan's world is getting run over by a motorcycle a genuine sign of affection. I have a feeling he's going to go crazy over your Vespa.