Saturday, February 13, 2010

Duck Pond!

Extending a hand to the resident ducks

This morning Ronan, Mom, and I took a trip to the Duck Pond, a reclaimed water pool that hosts a variety of waterfowl and is part of the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve.

Wistfully watching airplanes take off and land

In addition to visiting the ducks (feeding is not permitted) Ronan was able to watch aeroplanes take off and land at the adjacent Palo Alto Airport. He stretched his legs on the gentle but picturesque walking trail that skirts around the tidal marshes. Gravel and fallen palm fronds made for fun things to explore along the way.

An unconventional method of handing me gravel...

Successfully commandeered a palm frond... deliberating on what to do next

Unfortunately the Lucy Evans Interpretive Center was closed but Ronan was still able to run up and down the viewing platform that extends out over the marshland. He seemed to enjoy pointing out the 'duck-uhs!' and reminding us that seagulls like to say, "mine! mine! mine!".

Clearly happiness come when trails are used for running

Peeking through the side-rails (made from painted rebar- brilliant!) en route to the observation platform

The sun, the aircraft, the birds and the beautiful scenery made for a fun-filled way to spend the morning. So great, in fact, that Ronan followed the adventure with an unusually long three hour nap to recover!



Holly said...

What a great way to spend the morning - there are so many cool things to do right in your own back yard, so to speak. Bet that 3 hr. nap in the afternoon was welcome for ALL of you! xoxo zzzzzzzzzzz

Todd said...

I love the photo of Ronan peaking through the bars. Good use of depth of field.

Did you take Ronan to the big surf contest at Mavericks this weekend? I sure hope you were watching from above.

Holly said...

Yeah, I was hoping you guys weren't at Mavericks. Now you know why I don't go in the ocean!!