Monday, February 22, 2010

Heritage Grove Redwood Preserve

A very tall tree. There are only a handful of old growth redwoods in the grove but they are spectacular

Last week we took Ronan to Heritage Grove Park a small but charming stand (actually two stands) of old growth redwood trees. Ronan loved running up and down the damp, soft, hushed trails of the forest. He seemed mildly interested in the main attraction and namesake, the giant redwoods, but was drawn to the running water of Alpine Creek.

Small boards laid on a soft carpet of fallen redwood needles made an ideal spot for Ronan to practice charging up and down steps

Creek walking is best done in galoshes

He also seemed to enjoy discovering the little things like moss on the fencepost or the soft decay of an old redwood stump. Ronan found a couple of banana slugs which prompted Mom to encourage him to 'lick it'. Ronan wisely refused (the mild neurotoxin secreted by banana slugs makes the tongue go numb).

Mom failed to convince him to lick the banana slug. Perhaps he's not as gullible as we think?

A beautiful place for a stroll

Heritage Grove a great place for a simple, serene stroll- we look forward to doing larger efforts like Big Basin with Ronan in the future.

Enjoying snacks on a bench in the tranquil grove


Todd said...

i love the last pic. you guys seem to be getting the hang of the family portrait down. tripod?

Melissa said...

what a great outing! how far is this from you place? i also love the family pic.

Erik said...

Yes, the family photo was taken with the aid of a tripod (as you can tell Ronan is now into cheesing the camera). The Grove is fairly close, about 40 mins by car away. The Santa Cruz Mountains have many delightful spots like this- I say you guys come up and spend some time exploring it!

Holly said...

My fav is Ronan and the banana slug - isn't that the mascot of SLO? or is it UC Santa Cruz? Yeah, we should check out that Redwood grove.

Erik said...

UCSC is the slugs... I think Cal Poly is the Mustangs (or was it Aggies?)