Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hiller Air Museum

The main gallery

Yes, Ronan loves cars and motorcycles, but he also has an affinity for helicopters and airplanes. A great local spot for him to get his fix of aviation vehicles is the small but charming Hiller Museum in San Carlos.

Like any accomplished pilot, Ronan always keeps one eye on the gauges

There Ronan is able to explore an actual (but long since decommissioned) forward portion of a Boeing 747. Once he was able to chat up a retired United pilot who flew one of the actual displays (the cockpit of a Boeing 737) years ago. Helicoptors, an odd flying platform, an F-18 cockpit, the main section of the never-to-production Boeing supersonic passenger jet, and early version dirigibles are all packed into this small but great-for-children museum.

Cracking jokes with the pilot who flew this exact 737 years ago

Finally, if the static displays become boring, the museum looks out over the San Carlos airport giving visitors the opportunity to watch local pilots take off and land their single and twin prop airplanes. And, of course, many thanks to Grammy & Papa for the annual pass!


Todd said...

dude, is that the guy who landed the plane in the hudson?

looks fun. have you introduced ronan to those cheap helicopters you and nic use to play around with. i got one for christmas and love it!

Holly said...

Glad to see Ronan is exploring career options these days. It's never too early!

Yah, you should get R. one of those remote controlled helicopters Todd has - I'm sure he'd be better at it than I was - nothing but deadly crashes when Nana tried it!!

Erik said...

No helicopter yet (at least no RC) but we've got some fun designs for a DIY four rotor vehicle that I plan to build for his second birthday.