Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ronan Makes A Pizza!

Happy about shaping the dough after throwing it

A couple of weekends ago we made pizzas from scratch with our good friends- the process was fun and the results were 'not entirely bad'. The College Terrace Pizza Margarita was particularly tasty.

Spreading the sauce, which in this case is nothing more than sauteed garlic and olive oil in an heirloom tomato reduction

This past weekend we decided to get Ronan involved in the process- he was with me when we went shopping for the "Peeetsuh... Stoune!" and was curious about dough throwing and pie topping.

Freshly grated Romano cheese is always a nice touch

Ronan was more helpful than we had predicted; he followed instructions well and did not make too much of a mess. However he persisted in trying to eat the cheese before it made it to the pie and there were a few instances of tossing the flour onto the floor.

Ronan's pie on the pizza stone... on it's way into the oven

The pies turned out great- Ronan may have a future in cooking!

Adding the accoutrements... in this case fresh basil


Holly said...

From Cannery Row the the Pizza Kitchen - a well rounded education for sure! Ronan looks seriously dedicated to the task at hand :-) good job - and what fun!

CalBadger said...

Hold on Ronan! I'm jumping in my car on the way up to Palo Alto! Save some for me! It really does look good. Good job Ronan (and parents)!