Saturday, February 20, 2010


It's that simple... and using Auntie Mel's immersion blender makes it a snap

Another 'food group' that Ronan loves is fruit smoothies. Even though he inevitably gives himself brain freeze (due to his rapid pace of consumption) he still goes 'bananas' for the frosty fruity beverage.

No words, just pointing.... the meaning is clear, "more."

Now that he's on Amoxicillian (ear infection) we need to replenish his intestinal flora with supplementary probiotics. The smoothie is a never-fail delivery mechanism; using a yogurt with live cultures is even more effective.

The awkward result of a brain-frozen smile

Thanks Mom for your tasty concoction!


Holly said...

You shop where I do - same TJ ingredients. And I also use that great immersion blender from T&M. Great power breakfast in a hurry. Glad you're taking Nana's advice about the LACs. He looks like a happy guy - although the brain freeze smile looks more like a rictus :-0

Holly said...

PS - This would have been an occasion for the Bib with Bling, but it's hanging behind the chair.

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Todd and Ronan have never looked more alike than in the second of the two photos:). Now all Todd needs is da bib.

Holly said...

You know, you're RIGHT Melissa! I KNEW that face looked familiar :-)

Erik said...

Nice catch Melissa- and note that Ronan already had T's stink eye perfected.