Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stanford's Hoover Tower

Visitors on the Hoover Tower viewing platform

On Saturday we spent a couple of hours walking the more picturesque parts of the Stanford University campus; Ronan seemed most impressed with the fountains and the large tour buses parked at the Oval.

"Sweet... Bus"

Enjoying splashing the water

When we walked through Memorial Court he did take an (admittedly mild) interest in the Burghers of Calais. Art Appreciation Moment was short-lived; after a few minutes Ronan redirected his attention to exploring the subtle nuances found in bicycles.

Brake inspection!

"Hmm... these Burghers have big hands... just like mine"

Ronan also liked running around the Main Quad; the glittering facade mosaic and repeating arches of the arcades made for a stimulating place to explore. The people visiting & using the space were equally as intriguing, with Ronan staring (unabashedly) at a group of people practicing Tai Chi.

Dainty dancing in front of MemChu

Ronan regards a group practicing tai chi chuan with suspicion

While walking around the Quad Mom noticed people on the observation deck of Hoover Tower; a modest admission fee and quick elevator ride later we had great views of the campus, Palo Alto, and parts of the South Bay. We even spotted the redwood tree in our front yard. Ronan thought it all interesting but the chilly wind and the fact the bells were not playing (this frustrated Ronan... why were they not making noise?) kept our time at the top to a minimum.

The view from the top, looking back on the Main Quad

The fountain as seen from the tower

The $2 fee, friendly student-docents, and excellent views make a trip to the viewing platform a must for any worthwhile Stanford campus tour.


CalBadger said...

Just remember, Erik, Ronan is going to be wearing red and white alright, but for the Wisconsin Badgers! Middle linebacker, I think. Great photos, lots of fun; although it appears Ronan would have more fun with a '56 Chevy hangin' around the corner tavern in Madison getting acquainted with a few brewskis! I love these posts of yours!

Holly said...

I love the 2 shots of the fountain - and what a cool view from up in the tower - lets do that some time! And I can't help but notice the motorcycle clutched in Ronan's little hand - does he have his license yet? ha ha

Erik said...

I'd make some trips to Madison if Ronan were a Badger... I think Mom will nix any football career though. As Ronan's almost two and has never tried ice skating, he's too old to make a career of hockey. How's UW's soccer or water polo team?