Sunday, February 7, 2010

Working on Steam Distribution

Straight out of Cannery Row in the 1940s... a serious grimace, steam equipment, and, of course, a salty-dog tatoo

During out last visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Ronan was a little overwhelmed by the large crowds streaming through the exhibits. Amidst the chaos a small but enchanting display of old cannery equipment was located in a quiet corner; this provided the perfect spot for Ronan to relax.

Turning a valve handles like it was a steering wheel

It was remarkable how Ronan took to the machinery- we spent a good thirty minutes looking at and playing with old steam boilers, lines and valves. Had Mom not been diligent in keeping to a nap schedule, Ronan would have happily spent another thirty minutes turning handles and following pipes. The fresh coat of paint and visitor-proofed equipment made the walk through Cannery Row history welcoming to toddlers and adults alike.

Waiting for the foreman to issue the release command

Thanks to Auntie E for taking all of these great photos!


Holly said...

John Steinbeck would be pleased!! We'll hope for higher career aspirations than cannery worker for Ronan, though :-)

eteetzel said...

He would indeed be pleased... Ronan was a natural. Nothing wrong with that being his livelihood if it provides an honest wage.