Monday, March 22, 2010

Golf Carts are Sweet

He's late dropping off food at the dorms

Living next to Stanford University has it's benefits for Ronan, not the least of which is easy access to a veritable stable of clean golf/utility carts (another is an abundance of construction which means lots of big wheels). This is great because Ronan *loves* these vehicles even though he's never actually been in a moving one.

Our little maniac driver... wishing for more watts

Left foot- brake, right foot- gas... driving just like Nanna

He seems to be getting the hang of what's important- using the wheel for steering, using the pedals to go forward/stop, and, of course, using an indicator (what it is used for, though, is still a bit beyond him).

"Yo! Move it, fool!"

Demonstrating the proper dismount

It's probably the cart's accessibility that makes it such a powerful draw. For a todder, having no (real) doors makes it easy/welcoming to climb into/out of and it's on a more manageable scale than, say, a giant excavator. Regardless the carts are a big hit with Ronan. One of these days we'll find a cart with keys left in the ignition; I'll be sure to have the video camera handy for that.


CalBadger said...

Yo! Tell Ronan I have a set of clubs he can have when he's big enough!

Holly said...

Ahh, a boy after my own heart. Never realized his dad noticed what feet I use on the pedals! Maybe you should get one of those electric carts (equipped with child car seats of course) for around town driving!