Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hanging with the Cousins...

Ya- 'dem some good looking kids

Last Tuesday we had a real treat- Auntie Allison, Uncle Danny, Drew, Lexi, Grandma and Grandpa came up for a short but fun visit. We spent the day at Ronan's favorite hang-out beach in Santa Cruz; it seemed that Drew and Lexi also approved.

Auntie Ala!

Uncle Danny & Drew on a jetty

It was a blast to spend time with all of them... it was just too bad that we didn't have more days to hang out. And the weather cooperated too, especially for a mid-March day.

Hanging w/cousin Drew & a dozer

If there is a bulldozer at the beach, you might as well play next to it

Ronan really loves his cousins. The next day he was asking after them, as well as inquiring about 'cutie patootie', Lexi's little plush toy. Even today Ronan was saying, "come back... Dew, Lessi!"

The fam... and check out that sweet sock tan on Grandpa

"Kiddos on a sunny beach... life is good

And based on how sweet and accommodating Drew and Lexi were with Ronan I'd wager they are fond of him as well. Chickapea, though was another story. Mom's ever-increasing belly was a bit off-putting to both of them... Lexi was unwilling to even touch it.

Mom's belly unnerved Lexi... and Drew was wise to stand a few feet back

Thanks so much to all of you guys to make the trip to visit!


Holly said...

What a great day; cute pix - even Chickapea got into the fun (sort of.) Hope to see Chickapea OUTSIDE of the cozy womb before long :-)

Melissa said...

How great to see all those cute cousins together! So glad you had that time together.