Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jack Johnson Jr.

Every great guitarist ensures they are playing on a properly tuned instrument

Ronan is starting to enjoy music- one of his favorite CDs in our carosel is Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams (thanks, Auntie She). He's also a bit more patient with his guitar; even though be broke a string he still enjoys trying to hold it properly and strum some chords.

This photo is for Mom...

We'll see just how musical he will be- perhaps we can take lessons together as a father/son weekend activity. God help our neighbors.

"Feeling" the music. Literally.


Holly said...

Well, he's got the hand/finger placement right - just needs to grow those hands a bit. I'm listening to the previews of all songs on the Jack Johnson album - never heard of him till now, but I like the catchy tunes. Will add to my wish list!
Strum on, Ronan :-)

Todd said...

Jack Johnson is my boy from UCSB. Listen closely, one of his songs is about a UCSB cafateria. Good to hear Ronan is rock'n out. Should I start looking into amps for him????

Erik said...

I had no idea JJ was UCSB... explains the mellow nature of his tunes.