Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meditation of an (Almost) Two-Year-Old

Zen and the art of recycle truck placement

Some children hum, some bounce, other sit quietly, and a few cuddle appliances (Ronan's cousin Lexi used to do that!) as a method to assuage anxiety or simply chill out. For Ronan it's all about organizing his cars.

First the motorcycle...

... and then the recycling truck

He likes to line up, rearrange, line up again, move, then line up once more his rolling armada of vehicles. There are cars, trucks, helicopters, motorcycles, trains, and sometimes boats that partake in his orchestrated movements; it's about the only indoor task he becomes thoroughly engrossed in.

A rare interruption of his time with his vehicles

Mom and I hope that one day he'll do this for all of our books, papers, groceries, linens, CDs, and shoes but until then we'll be happy to enjoy his quiet time with all of his little 'things that go'.


CalBadger said...

Dreamers! Ronan will be working on the "Silver Rabbit"
in your front yard (driveway) loving life while you and Rachel are cleaning HIS room!

Holly said...

Yep, I think CalBadger has it nailed. Till then, enjoy the peace that Ronan's organized play provides for you both. FYI, I still find neatly lined up toy cars of Drew's hidden behind or under furniture after he leaves here. :-)