Monday, March 8, 2010

What Little Boys Do

Saturday we took Ronan to Bol Park... it's interesting to see how his interests have changed in a fairly short amount of time. Ronan has solidly entered the 'little boy' phase of his life; stick and stones, dirt, adventure, wonder, and independent exploration. Our commands have quickly become the classic 'wah wah wah' of a Charles Schulz parent from Ronan's perspective. Here are some of Ronan's pearls of wisdom on how to be a little boy:

Dig: dirt is fun... to wear, to eat, and to move around. If there is no 'inside' near to put the dirt, cover the nearest shiny object with it.

Stick your tongue out: it's stylish and helps with thermal management

Hang around like a monkey: we're all primates anyway

Run: it's faster than walking

Acquire sticks: at least one for each hand

Touch everything: if it's interesting, grab it. Ignore your parents, no matter what they are yelling. Smile at them and they will forgive you.

Trail-blaze: have a total disregard for existing paths and procedures

Find rocks...

...and throw them


Todd said...

I can see you guys are taking advantage of your fast lens. Thanks for sharing such great pics.

Holly said...

Glad the little guy is healthy again - a good dose of the outdoors perks anyone up - although eating dirt isn't exactly high on my "to do" list. :-)