Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who are You Calling Colander Head?

Just like the firefighters in his favorite book

Over the weekend, when we were reading Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, Ronan was fascinated by the old time firetruck and the firefighter pigs that rode on it. He pointed to the pig that had a nice shinny colander on his head as a helmet and said, "Ro! Ro!"

"Wanna piece?" Bluster replaces reservation when Ronan thinks his head is safe. Helmets- courage for your head.

Being accommodating parents we fished out our own colander to humor him. Sure enough he grabbed it, put it on his head, and seemed to delight himself in wearing it. It's fun to see what kids notice and act upon- this particular instance left us laughing. Another example was later that evening- Ronan fixated on pronouncing 'onomatopoeia' correctly (from a snarky question I had asked him earlier, "why is it that many of your words are onomatopoetic?"... I should have known better). The tenacity and silliness he brought to his effort made us crack up; we'll have to get his, 'enemempema' on video.

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Holly said...

Oh yes, Power to the "Hemmets" - Ronan has the right idea. He and I should video chat - he in his colander and I in my ladybug helmet. A power team :-)
Can't wait for the onomatopoeia video. Hope he's getting over the C. Pox.