Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Whoa! Time to Measure...

"Hmm, let's see- that's about 23" across..."

Mom's belly is increasingly impressive- so much so that Roanan decided it's time to get some numerical data on just big that tummy is getting. So, like any good aspiring builder he pulled out the tape measure and went to work.

"I need longer arms"

Ronan's methods seems to have a similar precision to those taken by the OB-GYN but the process was far more entertaining. After Ronan had finished taking the measurements, he concluded, with eyes wide, that in fact Mommy's belly was, "Hmm! BIG!"

"Yikes! Mommy, that's BIG!"


CalBadger said...

Ah, was that a twenty-five foot tape measure or a ten foot? Yikes Rachel, tell me it's time! By the way, I really do think Ronan's future career is as a comedian (after he play football for the Badgers that is)!

Holly said...

There was a reason Biblical scholars coined the phrase "GREAT with child"!! Pretty impressive - but, Rach, I hope you pop that baby soon. You've got to be mighty uncomfortable about now. Best wishes!! :-)

MumCeo said...

HI Guys! Just wanted to stop by and check out how things are going! Ronan is just sooo adorable. I wish we were closer to share more....Know we're thinking of you and can hardly wait to hear about #2! Please give everybody our love and hugs! The CT Gang