Friday, April 9, 2010

An Afternoon with The Cousins

Auntie She, Makena, Maia & Mom

On Monday Ronan had a fun surprise- his cousins Makena and Maia were on spring break and decided to stop in for a visit. The M's were simply amazing with Ronan; patient, funny, engaging, entertaining, and loving. Mom, Auntie She and I all watched the fun unfold as Ronan ran around after Makena and Maia with a broad smile on his face.

Here's the only grimace Ronan gave while hanging with his cousins- during the forced pose for photos

When it was time to settle down for the evening the girls were naturals. They took over the bedtime reading, softly giggling their way through some of Ronan's favorite books as he happily slurped down his milk.

Ya, it's a captivating book... and bedtime stories are always more engaging if you happen to be holding a miniature school bus

Ronan is lucky to have such wonderful, loving cousins, both from Texas and here in the Bay Area. It's a testament to their parents on just how lovely all of them are. We only hope if/when Uncle T & Auntie M and/or Auntie She decide to have kids, Ronan is able to show the same level of kindness he has received from his elder cousins.

Just about ready for bed


Holly said...

Yep, Ronan has some great cousins. The 2 here in Texas send him big hugs and kisses and would love to show him Texas some day. And the 3 of us adults hope that Ronan's sibling arrives very soon!

MumCeo said...

I can't believe how quick the girls have grown! Maia looks just like Michael, I can't belive it! Looks like Ronan had a lot of fun! Just figured I'd check in to see if Chickpea took my arrival estimates seriously! =) love and hugs to all! The CT Gang