Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A(nother) First Bath

Ronan taking his first bath

When Ronan was a new-born almost a week had passed before I asked Mom, "when should we think about bathing him?" Her priceless response made it clear that we had completely overlooked a fairly important part of parenting- child hygiene.

Bathtime today...always with a little mischievousness

Since then we've been better with Ronan and I cannot recall a day where he did not get his evening bath. Not wanting to repeat ourselves with Nieve we decided to bathe her prior to the end of her first week of life.

Loving the scalp massage

As with many other aspects, bathtime with Nieve was much smoother. For one we're now using a bathroom big enough for more than one adult (our previous bathroom was basically a broom closet filled with a toilet, sink, shower, and, I kid you not, our washer and dryer) and two, both of us are more sure-handed with infants.

Drying off after the washing

Nieve squwaked a few times in the beginning but by the end of it she was in a serene, relaxed state perhaps indicating a future love for expensive spas and pampering. Mom's shampoo/head massage was a clear winner.

Drying off after the washing

We look forward to a few months from now when Ronan and Nieve can bathe together, although she may need arm floaties and a snorkel to survive.

A clean and happy little Nieve, post moisturizer rub-down


Todd said...

why stop at a snorkel? give her a bc, tank and reg.

we can't wait to visit!

Holly said...

Yes, a girl needs to start early with the expensive spas, massages, styling, pampering - she seems to be taking to it like a fish to water. Better start a second savings account for her right now - high maintenance daughter!! But, oooooooohh so very cute!
Todd's comment cracks me up!

Erik said...

LOL you guys crack me up. Mikey says, "looks like it's almost time for her first haircut"

Holly said...

Have you thought of starting dreds?