Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Loot

Excited, perhaps?

In addition to a basket full of sugar from the annual 'egg' hunt, Ronan also received great Easter gifts from family and friends. Jeff, Erin, Maya, and Nicolas gave Ronan two new miniature trucks (a 'green recycle truck' and a 'tractor with plow' as Ronan likes to say); needless to say he loves them. In fact, he had misplaced the tractor two days ago and we spent a good 48 hours looking for it at Ronan's insistence (the tractor was found... he left it at Grammy & Papas).

Happy with Mommy & new trucks

"Check it- a tractor and plow!"

Grammy & Papa also gave Ronan a great card filled with some cash, so he took the money and purchased himself a brand new model P-51 Mustang during our weekend trip to the Hiller Air Museum.

Preparing the P-51 for takeoff

Inspecting the Red Baron

Ronan is a happy little camper with his new machines- many thanks to all of your for the wonderful Easter treats!

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Holly said...

Easter? When did that happen? ooooops, guess I missed it (just kidding - I felt sorry for this post that has no comments yet). Lots of belated Easter Hugs to you, Mr. Ronan! Maybe Nana will remember Easter - and Valentine's Day and all the other misc. holidays - next year :-)