Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Bhavesh-kaka!

"Party-time! Happy Birthday Bhavesh-kaka!"

Let's be clear- Ronan's love is for sale, and Bhavesh-kaka is a top savvy bidder. For Christmas last year Bhavesh gave Ronan a beautiful Harley-Davidson Deuce model motorcycle, complete with working kickstand and all. Ronan was so in love with his new object of affection that he refused to go to sleep without it for an entire week.

A happy boy

So, from all of us, Happy Birthday Bhav! And, who knows, perhaps Chickapea will share your birthday?

A little motorcycle goes a long way...

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Holly said...

So I guess this means Uncle Bhav will be the one to teach Ronan how to ride that bad boy? I'll get Ronan a learners permit for his 2nd birthday. ha ha