Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Ronan in action

Actually, it was more like a "candy-littered-on-the-lawn-free-for-all-grab-what-you-can", but it pulled inspiration from the Easter tradition, hence the title of this post. Whatever you choose to call it one thing is for sure- the kids had quite a bit of fun. Ronan was no exception even though he is under the weather (yes, again).

It's where the loot is

"Gentlechildren, start your engines..."

And they are off!

Yeah, that's a bit of cheating on Mom's part

And like he did during Halloween last year Ronan showed a startling ability to understand exactly what he should be doing. Give kids the right incentive, I suppose...

Using the trusty bunny-ear grasp

Enjoying the spoils of the day

It's a fun little tradition that our neighborhood does, although we missed the neighbor-in-the-bunnysuit from last year. I anticipate enjoying this tradition for years to come.

The bunny from last year... yeah, Ronan's right... it is a bit creepy

He who laughs last... Ronan found this egg-the largest of the day!


MumCeo said...

Happy Easter Guys! Love the photos and video! Looks like Ronan had a great time!!! =) Have a wonderful day! Send our love and hugs to all! The CT Gang

Todd said...

that last shot is priceless!

Holly said...

I agree with T. on that last shot. Now that egg's got a whole YEAR'S supply of candy! Hence the expression on Ronan's face!

Erik said...

Hey Burn- great to hear from you! Hope all is well in CT- we send our love.