Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Babies Do Best- Make Friends

Nieve, our new, little, sleepy one

She has been with us for less than 72 hours but already Nieve has made quite a few friends. I suppose it's easy when all that you do is look cute and cuddle; Nieve loves a nice warm set of arms to sleep in.

Mom, in love

A bleary-eyed father and his gang-symbol-flashing little girl

A proud big brother... Ronan has really taken to his little sister

Grammy's next project

A proud Pappa

Auntie She 'nose' what's best

Auntie E seemed to approve of Nieve's cuddling capability

A loving Auntie J spoiled parents and children alike!

Aunt Jen, Uncle Mike, cousins Makena and Maia all seem to approve

Undergoing a thorough Aunt Nancy inspection

Blowing kisses to Aunt Pauline

Making Aunt Patti smile

Grandma seems fond of the new little one

Grandpa was a push-over

Ashley and Brandon think Nieve is sweet

Four generations of remarkable women; Grandma thinks her latest great-grandchild is adorable

Even when sleepy Nieve can bring out Aunt Charleen's smile

Uncle Mikey helping Dad get Nieve some vitamin D when Mom's back was turned

Bhavesh Kaka's calming effect kept Nieve happy

Nieve cuddles into a warm and comfy Uncle S

"Farmer" Lars is a natural... and we caught Nieve at her most alert

So far Nieve has been doing wonderfully- eating well, sleeping well, and pooping well. We hope she continues to be a healthy, happy baby. We thank all of you for your support and love- Nieve especially enjoys it!


Allison said...

OMG!!!!!!!! I love her!! I am so mad that I live in Texas. But the best picture is the one of big brother Ronan. You can tell he loves her so much. I need a copy of that picture.

CalBadger said...

By the looks of things, little Nieve has everybody right where she wants them--in her hands. She especially looks in total control of Ronan and Daddy--an especially endearing photo of R & N! Rock on little Nieve!

MumCeo said...

Love the photos! Nieve is just beautiful! You all look wonderful! Wish we lived closer! Thanks for sharing! =) love and hugs to all! The CT Gang

Holly said...

What wonderful pix of everyone - new babies (especially darling, cuddly ones) bring smiles to all faces - including those of us viewing via the internet. Give little Evie a good cuddle from Nana :-) And a big hug to Ronan, too.