Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Fun Grandma and Grandpa Visit

Grandma seems fond of the new little one

Grandpa was a push-over

A little over a week ago Grandma & Grandpa made a trip up to our house to visit their new granddaughter. Both seemed smitten with Nieve- her sleepy cuddliness seems to do the trick every time.

Birds & bikes by the baylands... a great place for an afternoon walk

Moreover, Ronan had a blast, playing hide-and-go-seek, kickball, reading books, and showing off his biking skills to G&G. He now likes to say, "yooou dirty raaaat" and "fee fi fo fum... I smell the blood of a Ro-nan" (thanks to Grandpa) with a wide-toothed grin. Ronan was also able to show G&G his daycare center and give them a guided tour of the adjacent 'river' (actually it is the Charleston Slough).

Enjoying a nice walk

It was a great visit and we look forward to the warmer weather, when Ronan can take advantage of some beach time at G&G's house in Cambria.

Nieve resting (it's either that, or feeding) in her cute new outfit from G&G


Holly Teetzel said...

Very sweet - a special time for everyone :-) I love Ronan's pedal-less bike. Does he twist the right handlebar in hopes that it will propel itself??? ha ha (in another 14 years!)

Holly Teetzel said...

Sweet (last picture) - Nieve and the Bunny have mirror image smiles :-)

CalBadger said...

G & G had an absolutely wonderful time meeting pretty little Nieve--what a sweetheart, and that's from strictly an analytical perspective! Ronan is a joy to be with and it was fun seeing his school. I hear Granny, Todd and Melissa will be visiting ERRN this weekend: I'm jealous. because I KNOW how much is fun they're going to have!!!