Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun at Escondido School

Ronan and Dad vs. Uncle Todd and Auntie Mel on the teeter-totter... rodeo style wins every time

Assuming we keep our current residence for the foreseeable future, Ronan will most likely end up attending Escondido Elementary School, located just a few blocks from our house.

Nana being a good nana and providing safe navigation on the stairs

We typically visit the school at least one a week so Ronan can get his fix of play structures, ramps (for bicycle riding... or rolling various things down the soap box car track), and sandboxes.

Ronan has long legs... but not long enough to span the chain netting like Uncle Todd

So when Nana, Auntie Melissa, and Uncle Todd came up for a visit, Ronan wanted them to see one of his favorite outdoor play spots. It was fun to watch him show off his skills of climbing, teeter-tottering, sliding, and getting dizzy... and it looked like he succeeded in impressing his gracious visitors. One thing was certain- Ronan loved his time with them.

Tire swings always bring out the laughs

Ronan's interpretation on 'fire drill' stability

Though Nana, Auntie Mel and Uncle Todd have since returned home Ronan still asks after them... it's touching to see how affectionate he is with our family and friends. Thanks for coming up- Ronan misses you guys!


Holly Teetzel said...

The thanks is all ours - we had a wonderful time with you guys. Loved Ronan's entertainment - he's such a cutie; and little Nieve is darling. Hope to see you all more often!

Todd said...

I second mom, thanks for letting us come up and visit. We had a blast. Ronan and Nieve are so great!

CalBadger said...

Lucky ducks! You guys look like you were having a blast--very well deserved for a wonderful group of people!