Monday, May 24, 2010

More Friends for Nieve

Here's another update with more photos of friends and family visiting Nieve- she is leaving no set of arms unsnuggled.

Nieve did her best to get nice and cozy on Nana... and I think Nana didn't mind

Auntie M was a hit with both Nieve and Ronan... it was touching to watch just how affectionate the kids are with her

Nieve regarding Uncle T- I think it was his scruff that impressed her

Niki impresses Nieve... our little one was captivated by her smile

Ronan loves hanging out with Janet and Emily- and obviously Nieve does as well

Though Lisa is a natural mom she's also a seasoned pro as evidenced by her wonderful children (Laina and Bennett). Nieve confirms that sentiment.

To Mom and me Nieve is our little "Principessa" but lovely Laina has the grace, beauty, and hardware to rightfully claim that title

An old friend from college- it's always a blast to hang w/Rich. Nieve loved basking in the sun with him.

Nieve is still too young to appreciate Aunt Kathy's wit, but the nuzzles make a great impression

Not-so-bleary-eyed at the moment... Nieve is the perfect blanket for napping.

Thanks to all who have visited!


Allison said...

Oh my, very cute! I LOVE the one of Nieve looking at Toad!

Holly Teetzel said...

Sweet little babies have a beneficent influence on adults - as evidenced in this lovely post. Hugs to all.