Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Grumpy Little One

Nieve's disapproving glare, often seen when she is hungry

Nieve is usually sweet but if she's hungry (which, when you have a tiny little stomach, is often) her sprite-like cuteness gives way to a cranky little monster. When this happens Nieve lets out sharp yelp followed by red-faced crying and an agitated scowl; it is a distinct mark of impatience. In contrast, when Ronan was hungry he would simply start smacking his lips loudly until we offered him food.

How Nieve sounds when she's hungry... although the volume of her complaints seems to be increasing since this video was taken


Holly Teetzel said...

That squawking noise is actually babyspeak for bring on the lasagna!! [cute little video]

CalBadger said...

It only gets worse from here with cute, little princesses! Good luck--you haven't seen anything yet!