Friday, May 7, 2010

Ronan does Abercrombie & Fitch

Hip clothing retailer Abercrobie & Fitch are pushing into an even younger but booming demographic- the non-potty-trained toddlers. Their most risqué new product is a low-slung, high-cut fitted diaper designed to leave very little to the imagination. It's finished off with a constricting fastening band accented in pale lavender. Ronan was selected for their photo shoot (besides the obvious of being a 'hottie' and a 'nugget' he met all of strict toddler model qualifications- patient, obedient, difficult to distract, and, believe it or not, potty-trained) - have a gander at their first proof of the photo shoot.

"Ya, that's right, check out my abs. I'm still working on my A&F pensive smirk, though"


Holly Teetzel said...

OMG - can't believe A&F is now tapping the youngest of the young! Oh wait, there's still the barely born group - go Nieve! Also can't believe you're getting your child into the Biz - you may be starting even younger than Jennifer Salz's grandkids. Do tell us more about this photo shoot - and the successful potty training... I'm all ears. Oh, and btw - that shot is Darling!

Holly Teetzel said...

Oh, and I meant to ask, does the A&F "diaper" actually work for its intended purpose? Or is that why the model has to be potty trained! Brings to mind a SNL skit featuring Huggies Thongs for little girls - to eliminate that unsightly diaper sag. Hilarious. Better get Nieve in that Thong PDQ!!

Melissa said...