Friday, May 14, 2010

"Wish you were here"

Uncle Todd, Auntie Mel, and Nanna arrived this evening from southern California... earlier this week it was Mel's birthday so we decided to celebrate it when she arrived. By the time we had put Ronan and Nieve to bed, Mel and Todd had to leave for the evening to meet some old friends.

"I can't believe it's not Mel!" and yes, we even toasted to our lovely, absent friend

The problem was that Mom, the maker of Mel's delicious chocolate birthday cake, could not wait until the morning to have a piece. Nanna and I always defer to a breastfeeding Mom; after a bit of discussion we all agreed that we would feel a little bad about eating Mel's cake without her even seeing it. So we improvised, and I guess you could say the hit to our consciences was less than the gain in our bellies. So Mel, happy birthday! Oh, and we did save a pretty big piece for you. It should make for a rich breakfast.


Holly Teetzel said...

Fabulous choral trio - we should go on the road! Oh, and the cake is to die for!! Thanks Rachel :-)

CalBadger said...

Boy, are you guys vindictive--just because Melissa was a no-show at her own birthday party. Cruel! Spiteful! Well, you got your revenge: 1) Eating her entire birthday cake without her (Hol, I was salivating just looking at the photo!), 2) Embarrassing her in front of God and the whole World, 3) But worst of all, subjecting her to your rendition of "Happy Birthday!" Ouch!, my ears still hurt from that!

Holly Teetzel said...

@ CalBadger - wish I could take credit for that cake, but it was Rachel who made it - and yes it was DELICIOUS!!