Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Evening Stroll

Ronan is nonplussed with being in set photographs

One of our favorite summer family activities is a post-dinner walk; the cooling air and low sitting sun make it the perfect time of day to stretch the legs.

Mom and our little(st) one

This evening we found a field of blooming poppies on the edge of the Stanford campus- Ronan decided to pick one for Mommy (even though he was told not to). Nieve seemed to enjoy the temperate breeze and the simple act of getting out and seeing new sights.

Ronan amongst the poppies. His entranced look was not due to the beauty of the field he was in, but rather an old, loud muscle car that was driving by.

It's a tradition carried over from my childhood- when Ronan and Nieve are old enough they too will likely need to be bribed with ice cream cones to continue to partake in this family event.

Heading home


Holly Teetzel said...

Ah yes, the post prandial walks - a wonderful tradition. It must be warm up there, as I see Nieve's bare naked arms and legs are splayed out. Enjoy those walks :-)

Erik said...

The weather is nice, though Nieve has plenty of 'insulation' to keep her toasty. How does she compare? She's in the 90th percentile in weight for little girls her age (and the 94th percentile in height... she's a little tank).

Holly Teetzel said...

Holy Smokes! You won't be able to call her your "little" girl much longer. Establish parental authority before she is bigger than you :-0