Thursday, June 17, 2010

Loving Construction @ Stanford University

Ronan taking inventory of the heavy machinery at this site

One ritual Ronan and I try to do every weekend is a bike ride through Stanford University in search of heavy machinery to explore. Thanks to a construction boom on campus we're almost always successful at finding something to keep Ronan entertained.

'Driving' the backhoe loader but eying the larger front loader

This past Sunday we found a dump truck, front loader and a backhoe loader all parked together in a soon-to-be transformed parking lot between Wilbur and Stern Halls. Any time that Ronan can climb aboard the machines means lots of smiles and excitement- the bigger the machine, the better.

Always important to check your mirrors prior to starting excavation

Happy now he's on the biggest machine around, Ronan is ready to start moving dirt

Ronan has now taken to instructing the truck (verbally) to do his bidding- so far none have responded the way he would have liked but nevertheless he keeps trying. Who knows.. maybe one day he'll command a machine to, "Sit! Stay!" and he'll feel vindicated.

"Move! Push dirt this way!"


CalBadger said...

I can hardily wait until he gets big enough to actually try and DRIVE one of those things!!! Love the photo with the mirror-great shot!

MumCeo said...

Tommy would be in 7th heaven! Lil boys love their big toys! Great pics! Thanks for sharing!! Love them! hugs to all!

Holly Teetzel said...

Great shots, dad. Love #2 with the Stanford Tower centered in the background. And I think you should frame pic #4 - little Ronan in a Big machine. [Love his hard hat, too!!]

Erik said...

All of the photos taken were with the camera in my mobile phone... in full sun the image quality is not bad at all. I too love #4... but I got a 'safety' lecture from Mom when she saw it. Granted, she was chuckling while disapproving....