Monday, June 7, 2010

Reconnecting With Dear Friends

The smiles speak for themselves

Last week Ronan was in for a treat- our good friends Jeannie & Christian brought their two amazing daughters, Oona and Kira, out to the Bay Area for a visit.

'incapable of remembering to hold his breath' Ronan thought going head-first into the water was a good idea...

... and it turns out that he does love, "head first!" slides into the pool

It has been more than two years since Mom and I have seen Oona- she has grown from being an adorable one year-old to a beautiful and patient (with Ronan, and Kira too) pre-schooler. She's wise beyond her years and already a remarkable, independent young woman. Just being with her makes us smile. She's very special to us- we've been fortunate to watch her grow.

Oona seeing what the big fuss was all about

Kira getting ready to take the plunge

And Kira is a unrivaled charmer- her hearty laugh and bright smile instantly won our entire family over. She was by far the most social of all of us in the house. Charisma and charm aside, I was most impressed with her determination and will. Less than two years of age she already knows exactly what she wants (usually it's whatever Oona has) and is unafraid to make it clear that she will, in fact, get it.

One of the world's most beautiful smiles

Kira showing she has what it takes to be just like her big sister

Ronan loved them both. He typically gravitates to older kids, so he spent his time following Oona around, trying to impress her with his toys and his dancing skills. He also showed both of them some of his favorite spots and he brought out his kiddie pool for the three of them to splash around in. Now that Oona and Kira have returned home, Ronan is a bit sad to no longer have his buddies around.

Ronan checking to see if Christian was getting Oona higher than Mom was pushing him

Mom and I are also bummed that they have left- Jeannie and Christian were fantastic house guests who did far too much work on what was supposed to be their vacation. Thank you guys for making the past week so easy, and for bringing your lovely family with you!

This is how the three of them roll


MumCeo said...

Love the photos and updates! Thanks for sharing them! We'd love to come and play at the park with you guys! Give our love and hugs to all! love the CT Gang

Holly Teetzel said...

What a great time - loved the slide/pool arrangement. All the kids are darling :-)