Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nieve Keeps Growing

"Whatcu lookin' at?" Nieve's bouncy chair sags under her girth

During Nieve's two-month check-up, she weighed in at an impressive 5.613 kg (12 lbs, 6 oz) putting her in the 90th percentile for weight. She also measured a long 60 cm (23.5 in), in the 94th percentile for her age. Though big, Nieve's size is proportional with her weight-to-length ratio being exactly the mean for infants her age (and demographic).

Auntie She happy about providing a nice spot to rest

Grammy napping? I never thought I'd see the day. I suppose even the Energizer Bunny needs a break now and then.

How does she do it? Lots of eating and lots of sleeping. Nieve is different than Ronan, who was a challenge to feed as well and a struggle to establish good sleep habits. To Nieve, any warm body looks like perfect spot to nap, and she's direct and demanding when she gets hungry.

Ya, that's my little girl

She feels big, to be sure, but with her ever increasing size is also a corresponding increase in cuteness. She smiles while cooing when she sees a familiar face and a few of us, with the right encouragement, can get her to "sing". And just this evening Mom was able to get her to chortle a bit by tickling the under side of her neck. We may not be able to lift her, but we are enthralled by not-so-little Nieve and all the charm she brings into our house.

Amazing how happy a Dad this disheveled can be


CalBadger said...

Hey! I think you'd better change your masthead photo to my gorgeous granddaughter. Both Nieve and Grandpa think that Ronan's had the spotlight long enough--it's time to share! Better yet (only a loving grandparent would think of this), put BOTH Nieve's AND Ronan's photos at the top of your blog!!! LISTEN TO YOUR FATHER ERIK! (Fat chance).

Holly Teetzel said...

Love that she's now smiling, chortling, etc. This is such a fun age - and how wonderful she'll nap on anybody's body. A grandparent's dream, for sure! Lucky Grammy - who definitely has earned her rest :-)

Erik said...

CalBadger- if it's any consolation, what goes around, comes around... Ronan never listens to me either. When the appropriate photo is taken, I'll certainly add Nieve's eyes to the title banner.