Friday, June 11, 2010

Recycle Truck

Waiting with great anticipation

Every Thursday morning Ronan has his breakfast on our deck that overlooks the street. He eats his oatmeal and berries while sitting in an Adirondack chair, waiting for the telltale squeak and grumble of the recycling truck.

Ronan loves recycle trucks

It's one of Ronan's favorite times of the day; he loves watching the truck make its way down the street collecting the week's recyclables. The man who drives the truck always looks for Ronan and gives him a big smile and wave as he passes by. Ronan shows his appreciation by taking his little Matchbox recycle truck out with him and shows it enthusiastically to the driver.

Ronan proudly showing off his model recycle truck

Surprisingly, love for garbage/recycling trucks is not uncommon in toddlers. A friend at work also has a two-year old infatuated with trucks that collect stuff. Apparently there are quite a few engaging videos on YouTube (like this one, with over 1.2 million views!) that Ronan needs to watch.

"Up... and duhmph!" goes the recycle bin


Holly Teetzel said...

Not a bad way to start a Thurs. morning. I seem to recall an uncle of Ronan's who was fascinated by the collection of recyclables. But, perhaps it was the money aspect that fascinated him!
I'm amazed that 1.2 million viewers watched that YouTube video (make it 1.2 million and 1 since I watched it, too) - actually a snoozer for me.

MumCeo said...

OMG, Tommy was soooo fascinated with garbage trucks and recycling we used to tear up little pieces of paper just so that his truck could collect them in the little garbage cans and dump them. He even had a garbage truck that when you stuffed all the garbage in you could smash it all up! He even took every toy out and recycled it into his built in toy box...Oma was babysitting that evening! It took quite a while to clean up, but he had a great time doing it and was quite determined to get it all and hugs to all!

Erik said...

I wonder what it is w/little boys & garbage trucks. That is too funny about Tommy recycling his toys... glad he was putting them in the toy box and not the actual rubbish bin! Ronan tears up paper too, but he uses it as 'asphalt' when he paves his imaginary roads.

MumCeo said...

When Tommy used to visit Oma's house he'd have his special rubbish bins so that he could put things in and out of them....Boys and their trucks, it starts at such a young age! love and hugs to all!