Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ronan's Little Cupcake

A sweet little boy and his (somewhat) comfortable little sister

Ronan has always been a sweet, loving brother to Nieve- even the day after she was born Ronan was gentle and tender while holding her. Nieve seems to take it all in stride and when she hears Ronan's voice she often cranes her head in his direction. It's anyone's guess to just how long this mutual sibling affection will last, but Mom and I will enjoy it while we have it.


Holly Teetzel said...

Yes, do enjoy it - I think you're safe until Nieve is mobile. Let's hope she doesn't take a shine to Ronan's toy vehicles :-) I'd love a 5x7 of that photo.

MumCeo said...

What a great photo! LOVE IT! I miss living in a neighborhood to enjoy those evening walks, we have to be careful as we've had a bear in the driveway the last few evenings and even in the am....Rach you look wonderful! Ronan and Nieve are adorable together....there is nothing like a sibling bond! Enjoy! love and hugs to all!

Erik said...

HT - I'll put a high-rez version (along with a few others) on a mobile album for you.

MC - Bears? Woah. We only have raccoons... far less interesting. Ronan would love to give the bear some honey.

MumCeo said...

Oh yeah! AND we've got bald eagles, red tailed hawks, turkey vultures, many racoons, deer...a ton of deer, a bobcat, rabbits, and of course the squirrels, chimpmunks and many birds...we have robins nesting (they've hatched now) in the lilac tree and another kind on top of our front porch light, which have recently hatched. One year we had skunks that were under the house...I think we pulled out 3 or 4..Tommy was just a baby. We also have red foxes in the back field as well. Haven't seen the moose just yet, but they are around! Coyotes as well....it's cool and find that a dog is a necessity! =)