Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two Kids at Bathtime

Our soggy but happy boy

We're finally giving Ronan and Nieve concurrent baths. Sure, Ronan has the tub and Nieve is still washed in what is essentially a highly designed, glorified bucket, but at least they are splashing around in near proximity to each other.

Nieve relaxing and listening to Ronan make a ruckus

Nieve now loves bath time- as soon as she hears running water she starts craning her head in that direction. When we wash her tongue with a soft rag (yes, we omit the soap) she giggles and coos with delight. She's happy, content, and alert during the entire process- the only squawks of displeasure come when she's being dressed after we've applied her moisturizer.

Our happy, chubby baby who loves water... cleaning out the folds of her neck is an effort-intensive process

Ronan has improved on his wave creation and splashing capabilities; I typically have Ronan wash duties and I always need a change of clothes when he's finally read to dry off.

Yes, Ronan slyly waits until just the right moment to start the water splashing

Couple this devious grin with the sound of maniacal laughter and you get the idea...

It's funny how something so simple as bath-time has become a full half hour event- from drawing the bath, getting the kids undressed, the process of washing (including hard-to-clean spots like Nieve's impressive chub 'rolls'), shampooing, drying, and stuffing the little ones into their footie-jammies.

Ronan's moniker during the drying stage is "Kronprinz" with him pretending his towel is a crown and flowing robe

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Holly Teetzel said...

What cute pix - and how great you've got both kids on the same schedule... for now..... I must say Nieve's chubby cheeks and "full figure" are impressive. What is her secret? I need to bulk up! [aside - the word verification below which you can't see on this post is, ironically, "fatiest" truly!]