Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Hungry Little Girl

In the evenings, before bathtime, Ronan and Nieve settle down on our bed with Nieve feeding from Mom and Ronan having his sippy-cup of milk. Nieve has always been a voracious feeder and she watches us eat intently; in fact one of her nicknames is "Nievezilla". Last week when she was lying next to Ronan during our pre-bath routine we snapped the following series of photos.

"Hmmm... I wonder what he is drinking?"

"Oh yeah, move your face... I'm going to get me some of that"

"Nievo wants some! Gimme!"

A generous gesture by Ronan is foiled by Mom's quick hand

Yes, Mom and I laughed at the entire series of events... it was priceless to see Nieve's eagerness to eat whatever Ronan had. And Ronan was a great sport about it all- he was cracking at Nieves aggressiveness. It was fun, funny and telling; I envision future dinners where Ronan and Nieve have it out over the last remaining pork chop. May the hungriest little one win... and my money will be on Nieve.


Holly Teetzel said...

Nievezilla reminds me a little bit of a shark - albeit a very cute one :-) What a darling set of pix - you should frame the 4 of them vertically - t'would make a great wall hanging. Meanwhile we'll all hang on tight to our plates!!

CalBadger said...

It looks as though Ronan has got Nieve's number! Very cute!

Melissa said...

i agree, such a cute series of pics...you should frame for sure!