Monday, July 19, 2010

Nieve @ Night

"There will be no flipping me over... move along"

Nieve has a unique sleeping style- on her back with her arms spread wide against the mattress. It looks as if she has her armw extended to guard against anyone trying to flip her onto her stomach.

What is not captured in the photo- by morning Nieve will have rotated, without fail, counter-clockwise until her head is up against the side of the co-sleeper. It's always to the same side, and she inevitably manages to work herself into that position regardless of the bumpers and props we brace her with. Also not captured in the photo is her snoring- it's loud enough for Mom and me to chuckle at but not loud enough to wake us from sleep.

Her defensive, rotating, noisy habits are a bit odd, but otherwise she's a fantastic sleeper (for now, at least). We hope she stays this way!

1 comment:

Holly Teetzel said...

A girl with a mind of her own. Watch out!!
P.S. I Love her hair!