Saturday, July 10, 2010

Playing on the Floor

Cool Hand Nieve... she's unflappable

She's always been a stiff little baby, but Nieve is really getting the hang of holding her head up. When she's subjected to 'tummy time' (her daily exercises) Ronan does his part to keep her entertained and engaged. It's fun to watch him interact with Nieve, and we're surprised at how much she follows him with her eyes and head movements. It's still blissful sibling harmony at the moment. Sure, it won't last, but we're loving it while it does.

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Holly Teetzel said...

Such a cute photo of the 2 kids - hard to believe that little girl is only 3 months old (almost)!

MumCeo said...

love the photo! give them big hugs and love from us! =)

MumCeo said...

hey guys, we are making our annual trip to the coast next month! I need sizes for the kiddos please! =)